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Clear Note Widget v1.9, 10.02.2013

New changes for Clear Note Widget 1.9!

Clear Note Widget v1.8, 02.06.2013

Clear Note Widget 1.8 brings a couple of new features and bug fixes:

Clear Note Widget v1.7, 01.27.2013

Version 1.7 is a fix for all 3.1+ devices. Read on for more juicy details...

Clear Note Widget v1.6, 01.26.2013

Clear Note Widget v1.5, 01.11.2013

The first update of 2013 brings a bug fix for crashes when trying to access the Settings option in the Clear Note Widget application (aka the Notes List). Bye!

Clear Note Widget v1.4, 11.13.2012

Happy holidays! Clear Note Widget version 1.4 comes to you with a new, often-requested feature - the ability to set your various widget settings as the default! There's also the addition of several new "bright" colors, along with some bug fixes.

Clear Note Widget v1.3, 04.18.2012

1.3 brings a better sticky note previewing ability - the Note Editor will change background and headings to match your current widget's color settings. There's also an updated help system, with new tutorials for Ice Cream Sandwich users (adding widgets to the home screen in ICS is a little different from previous versions)!

Clear Note Widget v1.2, 03.19.2012

As of 1.2, you can now create regular (non-sticky, non-widget, etc) notes that can be encrypted and password-protected! There's also a neat Send Note feature that lets you share your notes with the rest of the world via email, text message, or any other supported clients on your phone. See below for all of the nitty-gritty details!

Clear Note Widget v1.1, 12.27.2012

Yep, you read that right! Clear Note Widget received its first update at the end of December, bringing with it some sorely-needed color choosers (preview colors in the color chooser instead of going back-and-forth between the Settings screens and your widgets), some quick fixes, more colors, and improved step-by-step tutorials. Some of the code was tightened up, which may result in a slight (but probably unnoticeable) improvement in performance.